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  • What are the job opportunities at Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School)

    Talented, hard-working, dedicated individuals with a passion for education and helping young adults are welcome to apply. Please review our current openings to see if a position is available near you. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. To Learn more about Employment Opportunities at AIU: Click here

    Employment Opportunities at Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School)

  • Technology and Internet Requirements?

    There is no software to install on your computer, all course materials including videos, audio, test, quizzes and content can be viewed with the software already on most internet enabled computers.

    Recommended Specifications
    Processor: 1.5 GHz
    Ram Memory: 512 MB
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows
    Internet Connection: High Speed internet at 25mbps
    Plug-ins and Players: Adobe Flash Player and Adobe PDF Reader
    Internet Browser preferred: Puffin.

  • Can I revalidate my studies and/or apply to other institutions?

    Upon request, if needed, Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) can obtain an Apostille for your graduation documents as well as Authentication from the US Department of State. If you require any other particular administrative process in your country for your studies at Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) or are planning to continue further studies at a specific institution, we recommend that you visit and review their requirements directly since each country and/or institution may have its own unique requirements for each process.

  • I do not know if distance learning is for me. May I talk to someone?


    Our staff is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. 

    Please call: (866) 91-AIUHS within the US or if calling from outside the US, (305) 940-8855. We look forward to discussing your educational needs.

    You can click here for take a quiz that could help you define if the distance learning it's the right option for you. 

  • Will I be required to take standardized tests?

    Students are encouraged to participate in standardized tests; however, it is not a requirement for graduation from Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School). College/University bound students can enjoy greater choice in the College/University they wish to attend by performing well on standardized tests such as the SAT. Standardized testing is not a requirement for admissions at all Colleges/Universities. There are testing locations in every state as well as internationally. Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) staff can assist you in finding and scheduling a test date.

  • Who are Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) students?

    We have found that all types of students are benefiting from our services. Students who are trying to get ahead by taking additional courses to graduate early will select our online high school programs. US residents as well as international students participate in Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) programs. We serve students whose career focus or extracurricular activities conflicts with traditional school attendance expectations. Some of our students live in remote locations with limited educational options. School age and adult students from all walks of life have make Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) their home school.

  • What grade levels do you offer?

    Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) offers grades 9-12 for both adult students and high school age students. In addition, many college level courses are available for students who desire a greater challenge, college readiness, or additional career training.

  • Who is teaching the courses?

    Courses have been prepared by All of our courses are taught by licensed teachers who have at least ten years of experience or hold a Master’s Degree.

  • Does Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) grant credit for courses?


    All courses taken will be provided the same academic weight as those courses taken at a traditional school.

  • What about quizzes and tests?

    At the end of each Lesson you will review the learned material by taking a short quiz. Typically, two tests will be taken, one and the midpoint of the course the other at the end to confirm your knowledge of the material covered.

  • Are courses available in other languages?

    Being bilingual can be a great career advantage, students may take Spanish as part their program. In addition, all required courses may be taken in Spanish. Students taking all courses in Spanish are required to take English as a Second Language (ESOL) I & II.

  • Tell me about my courses?

    Courses are prepared using state of the art technology and multimedia. The Lesson content is accompanied by Audio, Video, and Visual Aids to support the learning process. Qualifies teachers and instructors have prepared the materials in such a way that students may advance independently and online. Help is available though the built in communication section and phone. Our students gain a great deal of confidence and self satisfaction through the self learning nature of the online curriculum.

  • Are online high schools like traditional high schools?

    Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) offers a world of options for students. Each course brings the classroom to the student. Qualified instructors guide students with Video Lectures. Our "Teacher Software" combines audio lessons with a virtual black board outlining the material being discussed. Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) students complete a course in 3 to 10 weeks and may take several courses simultaneously. Our students can catch up on missed credits, take subjects not offered at traditional schools, improve their technology skills, solve scheduling conflicts, try a different method of learning, and enjoy the freedom of learning when and where they want.

    Imagine classrooms without walls, where students are able to attend their classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine students from a wide variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and geographic locations working online free from limitations expanding their horizons through education.

    What you are imagining is a reality at Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School), an online distance learning institution offering multimedia content rich educational programs and courses to students across the country and around the world.

  • Do I have to pay for it up front?

    You only need to pay the enrollment fee for start your classes.

    We offer affordable, monthly payment plans to fit your family’s budget. Giving our students the advantage of being able to buy their own books, makes our tuition even more affordable.

  • How does this program work?

    AIUHS’s program is individualized instruction utilizing distance education for communication between you and the school. Each course includes a study guide that contains directions for reading, studying, writing, and the submission of exams to the school through our state of the art electronic e-learning platform. At the school, a qualified teacher personally grades your work, adding helpful comments and suggestions, and then e-mails them back to you. As you finish each course, you receive a Certificate of Completion/grade report. Finally, after completing all required subjects, the proud moment arrives - you receive your high school diploma!

  • Can I get credit for previous high school courses I've taken?


    AIU High School will accept other verifiable high school credits you have earned in grades 9-12 toward the number of credits required for graduation from AIHS. Previous transcripts will still need to be evaluated by our registrar’s department.


  • Who is eligible for enrollment?

    Enrollment is open to students both within the US and around the world who are looking for self-paced, online program, with significant curriculum options.

    For more information click here.

  • When can I enroll?

    Can you imagine a school where quarters, semesters, or other such periods do not limit the time when students can begin or finish their program? Andragogy International Universe (AIU High School) online programs are exactly that. There is no standard entrance or stat time for our programs, students may start their courses upon enrollment. The School is open year round to give students access to faculty and staff at any time. Finishing your program faster and within your schedule is a key goal of our online programs.