Legal notice

Enrollment Policies
AIU High School accepts students without regard to race, color, religion, cultural background, or national origin. To enroll, you must be at least 14 years of age. However, please be advised that if you are under the age of 18, you must provide us with verification that you have completed the eighth (8th) grade. NOTE: Please be advised that only students who have fundamental skills in reading, writing, and understanding of the English language may be accepted for enrollment.
If the student has been in high school previously, AIU High School will consider awarding credit for courses taken from private or public high schools at the 9th through 12th grade level. We will evaluate the transcript for credits earned from prior academic high school courses completed. The student will need to send us a copy of their high school transcript. After the evaluation of the student’s previous high school credits, the student will be notified, in writing, about the number of subjects required to meet graduation requirements and adjustments to the student’s tuition, if any. Students wishing to obtain approval toward an AIUHS diploma for high school level subjects completed at a school in another country must include with their Enrollment Agreement an official grade transcript signed by a school official, with a certified English translation attached, showing subjects taken, final grades, and a grading scale before their enrollment will be processed.

For your convenience, we will be sending you a Transcript Request form. Fill it out and send it to your high school; or, if the school is no longer in existence, contact your local Board of Education. If you have not attended high school, you MUST submit a transcript from the last school you did attend, such as an elementary, middle, or junior high school. If you are unable to get a transcript, please contact AIU High School for assistance.

Transfer Credits
Students selecting one or more AIU High School subjects to be used for credit in another high school MUST inform their current school officials. It is important that you notify your school officials about the courses you are planning to take at AIUHS prior to enrollment. This will give you heads up on the courses you’ll need to take.

Important: it is the student's and/or parent’s responsibility to be sure the student is enrolled in the correct course(s) and that prerequisites have been met. Citizens’ High School cannot accept responsibility for enrollment in incorrect courses, changes in requirements by other schools, or enrollment in coursework not approved by the student’s current high school.

Graduation Eligibility
Please note: no matter how many high school credits the student may have earned previously, the student must complete the minimum course requirement for the General Diploma, the College Preparatory Diploma Program or the Career Preparatory Diploma Program, in their entirety in order to be eligible to earn an AIU High School diploma.

Tuition and fees

School Tuition
All tuition and fees must be paid in U.S. currency. Canadian postal money orders and international money orders in U.S. funds are also accepted. Make money orders/checks payable to AIU High School. NOTE: For down payments made by check, the individual course will not be accessible for 15 business days until the check clears. VISA, Master Card, and Discover Card are also accepted.
Textbook and educational materials:
Even thought students will be provided with full online text and other online study guides, textbooks and other educational materials are not included in the tuition. Please refer to the class syllabus for textbook information. Shipping and handling fees for information packages are free of charge.

Financial Aid: AIU High School does not offer financial assistance. However, students are encouraged to explore other financial assistance options such as: State, County, or City education assistance programs, private education assistance programs, and employer tuition reimbursement programs.