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Our Philosophy, Vision and Mission


Balance is the key to many things, from health to the environment. To be part of their life, education must be in that balance and AIU High School makes it possible taking into account the most important issues that affect their education.



We believe faithfully that each individual has the ability to use their own potential to manage their cultural and global development. However, in order to expand these skills, students need to obtain a sense of balance, initiative and knowledge with themselves.



Our vision is the empowerment of the human race towards individual success.
That every human being has the power to take control and self-initiative their own life. The strengthening of the individual to achieve the convergence of the world through a sustainable educational design based on Andragogy.



Our mission is to be an educational institution, unique and unrepeatable in its genre; concerned about generating education alternatives that can lead to a more efficient individual strengthening.
Train students and help them take advantage of the wide range of resources available today.
We are eliminating the current trend of unconsciousness, obsolete measures and limitations exercising human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of achieving global satisfaction and evolution.