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Director's letter

Dear students,

I would like to welcome you to AIU High School. At AIU High School we will do everything possible to guide you. If at any point you need help with your studies, please let us know. We will be very happy to assist you.

At AIU High School, we value each and every one of our students’ developments. We value education as a human right, as declared by the United Nations. As such, we are committed to provide our students with the right to study, at their own pace, in their own surroundings, according to their interests, while at the same time, fulfilling the requirements to graduate with a High School diploma.

If you have just joined AIU High School, be prepared for a new journey in your life, the Andragogy Journey. Andragogy is the constant self-development of the adult. AIU High School believes that we are able to dictate our educational experiences through different media and evolve as human beings in every area in our lives. I encourage you to start growing to achieve what you deserve, success.

I want you to imagine a world of endless possibilities, a world where you can acquire all the knowledge you desire, full of opportunities and accomplishments. Let AIU High School be the first step of this world, the first stone that you will build in your life to grow into the unique and special human being that you can become.

After AIU High School, continue to develop yourself and keep growing your potential to fulfill your dreams.

You are the most important key to accomplish your achievements, now go and grab them.

With my sincere and deepest wishes,

Ricardo Gonzalez 

AIU High School