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World History

Classroom: World History Classroom I

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Students wishing to earn high school credit in the subject area must submit a copy of their High School or Junior High school transcripts; otherwise, open enrollment.

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AIU High School
This course enables students to understand their connections to the development of civilizations by examining the past to prepare for their future as participating members of a global community.
Students will use knowledge pertaining to history, geography, economics, political processes, religion, ethics, diverse cultures, and humanities to solve problems in academic, civic, social, and employment settings.
  • To understand the connections between historical events and see how past events are relevant to the world today.
  • To develop critical thinking skills as they apply to the study of history.
  • To gain a multicultural perspective of historical events and situations.
  • To identify and understand cause and effect relationships crucial to the study of history.
  • To develop the use of an historical imagination.
  • To recognize the importance of point of view in the study of history.


Unit 1

LecciónLesson 1: People of the World

LecciónLesson 2: Early River Civilization

Unit 2

LecciónLesson 3: Classical Greece

LecciónLesson 4: Rome and Early Christianity

LecciónLesson 5: India and China

LecciónLesson 6: African Civilizations

Unit 3

LecciónLesson 7: Muslim World

LecciónExtra Material

LecciónLesson 8: Empires in East Asia

LecciónLesson 9: European Middle Ages

LecciónLesson 10: The Church and the Crusades

Unit 4

LecciónLesson 11: The Renaissance and the Reformation

LecciónLesson 12: Science and the Church

LecciónLesson 13: World War II

Course target:



  1. 1. Develop a positive attitude toward world history learning

    2.Gain knowledge and develop understanding about historical events.

    3. Develop the ability to discuss and debate World History events

    6.Develop self studying techniques in order to achieve all the course requirements.

    7. Understand the use of external sources of information to get the information required.




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