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Algebra 2

Classroom: Algebra 2

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Student Services HS, Hernando Salcedo
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A primary goal of Algebra 2 is for students to conceptualize, analyze, and identify relationships among functions. Students will develop proficiency in analyzing and solving quadratic functions using complex numbers. Students will investigate and make conjectures about absolute value, radical, exponential, logarithmic and sine and cosine functions algebraically, numerically, and graphically, with and without technology. Students will work with and build an understanding of complex numbers and systems of equations and inequalities. Students will analyze statistical data and apply concepts of probability using permutations and combinations. Students. Students will apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life's experiences.
Evaluate, analyze, and solve mathematical situations using algebraic properties and symbols.




Solve systems of equations and inequalities.

  1. Solve systems of linear, absolute value, and quadratic equations algebraically and graphically. 
  2. Graph the solutions of systems of linear, absolute value, and quadratic inequalities on the coordinate plane. 
  3. Solve application problems involving systems of equations and inequalities. 
Students will understand and represent functions and analyze function behavior.
Define and graph exponential functions and use them to model problems in mathematical and real-world contexts.
Define and graph logarithmic functions and use them to solve problems in mathematics and real-world contexts.

LessonLesson 1: Logarithms

Lesson Lesson 2: Complex Numbers

Lesson Lesson 3: Trigonometric Algebra

Lesson Lesson 4: Permutations

Lesson Lesson 5: Probability

Lesson Lesson 6: Series and Sequences

Lesson Lesson 7: Ratios and Proportions

Lesson Lesson 8: Matrix

Lesson Lesson 9: Determinants

Lesson Lesson 10: Applications