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English 4

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Within the British Literature course, conducting researching skills learned in English 1-3 will ready learners to survey epic poems, plays, poetry, novels, historical documents and speeches. Decoding, reflecting, and assimilating and presenting print and non-print text encapsulates English 4. Not only does this class offer critical thinking skills for synthesis of Old English, but it readies each student with a lifelong quest for Cultural connection and fortitude. Besides developing skilled writers wherever the need arises in future professions, each learner will triumph an unbiased, articulate, creative original "spin” on a sundry of topics within the course, which will instill a lifelong practice of like respect for various perspectives.


No matter how difficult the controversial issue, students in English IV will not only verbalize a mission statement to solve the problem, but will utilize language that "moves” and "incites” the listener.

  • Assess and interpret various arguments to arrive at a unique reasoning based on evidence.
  • Coupling detail with realistic motivational sequences, write an imagined narrative with stellar technique.
  • While employing various nuances in word meanings, generate an original figurative depiction of a timely event.
  • Recognize effective syntax that gives an author his/her specific authentic style.

LessonLesson 1: Emotive Language

LessonLesson 2: Motivations

LessonLesson 3: Hyperbole

LessonLesson 4: Epiphany

LessonLesson 5: Themes

LessonLesson 6: Utopia

LessonLesson 7: Character Traits

LessonLesson 8: Creative Nonfiction

LessonLesson 9: Research Tips

ExamExam: Exam Lesson 10 | Blocking