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Introduction to Psychology

Classroom: Introduction to Psychology

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Introduces prospective majors to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and also provides an overview for non-majors. Emphasizes social, cognitive, developmental, and personality psychology and their interrelations. This course will provide you with a broad introduction to the field of psychology, one of the social sciences.

Course Objectives

•To become aware of the major psychological
approaches to the study of behavior.

•To become aware of the major aspects of
behavior investigated by psychologists.

•To become familiar with the theories and
contributions of major figures in the field.

•To become familiar with major research
findings and theories of the field.

•To become conversant in the unique language of

•To learn the methodologies of psychology and
their limitations.

•To learn how to locate, read and evaluate
psychological resources.

•To become an informed consumer of
psychological information.

•To gain self understanding and a greater
understanding of others.

•To recognize ways to apply psychological
findings to everyday life.

•To learn to appreciate the necessity of a
multi-level explanation of behavior.

•To become fascinated by the study of behavior
and mental processes!



LessonLesson 1: Introduction to Psychology

LessonLesson 2: Aristotle

LessonLesson 3: Scholastic Psychology

LessonLesson 4: Empiricism

LessonLesson 5: The Nineteenth Century

LessonLesson 6: The Foundation of Modern Psychology

LessonLesson 7: The Sensing and Perceiving Mind

LessonLesson 8: Psychology in America

LessonLesson 9: Mind in Conflict

LessonLesson 10: The Developing Mind