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English 2

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Within the Second English course, critical textual analysis guides the study from the reading process, comprehension and interpretation, writing processes and applications, and writing components in order to communicate various original insights on world themes and the common human experience among all cultures. Narratives, short stories, prose, poetry, persuasions, and even letters of complaint and applications will ready the learner for articulate, expressive clarity within communication.

English 2 will give the students a unique understanding and appreciation of humans' struggle with Nature, varying cultural perspectives, effective leadership qualities, and a creative eye for imaginative writings.

  • Selecting appropriate style to communicate succinct, concise discourse.
  • Decoding inferences to achieve a greater understanding of an author's purpose.
  • Exploring diverse writing styles to achieve a profound understanding of genres. 
  • Researching with a keen understanding of a thesis to arrive at a solid argument.
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of rhetorical devices to successfully state a position.
  • Choosing syntax that not only captures an audience, but incites them to action.
  • Listening to other opinions to not only understand a speaker's purpose, but to also develop alternative incites.


•Lesson Introduction

•Lesson Lesson 1: Literary Analysis-Fiction/Nonfiction "There Will Come Soft Rains”

•Lesson Lesson 2: Literary Analysis-Fiction "Contents of a Dead Man’s Pockets”

•Lesson Lesson 3: Literary Analysis-Fiction "The Monkey’s Paw”

•Lesson Lesson 4: Literary Analysis-Fiction "Arthur Becomes King of Britain”

•Lesson Lesson 5: Literary Analysis-Fiction/Nonfiction "The Princess Bride"

•Lesson Lesson 6: Literary Analysis-Nonfiction "I am Not One of Those Who Left the Land”

•Lesson Lesson 7: Literary Analysis-Fiction "Thoughts of Hanoi”

•Lesson Lesson 8: Literary Analysis- Fiction "Idylls of the King”

•Lesson Lesson 9: Literary Analysis-Fiction "Pearl"

•Lesson Lesson 10: Literary Analysis- Fiction Alas Babylon