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Biology 1

Classroom: Biology 1

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Basic principles of general biology as they relate to the cellular, organismic and population levels of organization. Includes cell ultrastructure and function, energy transfer, reproduction, genetics, evolution, diversity of organisms, and ecology.


Course Objectives: Students will

  • Learn about basic Biology and understand its terms.
  • Understand the different Ecosystems in the planet
  • Be able to identify the living organism and interact with them.
  • Have a better understanding about Ecological succession and weather changes affecting out planet.
  • Analyze and learn cell parts and their structure.


LessonLesson 1: Introduction to Biology


LessonLesson 2: The Biosphere and The Ecosystems


LessonLesson 3: Interactions among living things


LessonLesson 4: Populations


LessonLesson 5: Ecological succession and climate


LessonLesson 6: Biomes and Aquatic Ecosystems


LessonLesson 7: Human impact in the environment


LessonLesson 8: Cells, structure of life


LessonLesson 9: Photosynthesis and Metabolism


LessonLesson 10: Cellular Respiration