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English 1

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This first English course is designed to develop reading, writing, thinking and speaking skills. The students will experience a wide variety of literature including fiction, non-fiction, poetic and dramatic selections, speaking/ writing fundamentals and strategies will be emphasized for future education. 

Traditional grammar, mechanics, usage skills, vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies will be continued as part of the writing process in collaboration with research skills that will be explored and developed.








*Using the reading process to construct meaning using technical, informative, and imaginative texts

*Using writing processes for various purposes with attention to style and format

*Using the research process and individual inquiry to locate, analyze, and evaluate information

*Using effective listening, speaking, and viewing strategies in informal and formal situations

*Understanding the power of language as it impacts readers, writers, listeners, viewers, and speakers

*Understanding and analyzing literary texts

*Responding critically and aesthetically to literature





Lesson 1 Literary Analysis-Fiction/Nonfiction (The House on Mango Street and Peace Isn't Impossible)

Lesson 2 Literary Analysis-Fiction (A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, and Thank You, Ma'am)

Lesson 3 Literary Analysis-Fiction (Great Expectations, The Odyssey, and Iliad)

Lesson 4 Literary Analysis-Fiction (The Secret Life of Bees, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and The Most Dangerous Game)

 Lesson 5 Literary Analysis-Nonfiction (An American Story and Volar)

Lesson 6 Literary Analysis-Nonfiction (In America; Romeo And Juliet In Bosnia and Where I Find My Heroes)Lesson 7 Literary Analysis-Fiction (Romeo and Juliet and Lord of The Flies)

Lesson 8 Literary Analysis- Fiction/Nonfiction (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and A Country Divided)

Lesson 9 Literary Analysis-Fiction (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Old Man And The Sea)

Lesson 10 Literary Analysis-Fiction/Nonfiction (Westside Story and Teaching Chess and Life)

Course target:


• I can examine and compare a variety of literary works and recognize their literary elements.

• I can examine and describe the literary elements as well as different elements of figurative language used in a literature selection.

• I can use information from a nonfiction text to identify main idea and supporting details.


I can read text with accuracy and adjust reading rate based on purpose (e.g., for pleasure, information, task completion, etc.), difficulty, form, and style.

• I can determine the main idea or essential message in a text through inferring, paraphrasing, summarizing, and by identifying relevant details and facts.